Welcome to Smart Wealthy Rich…On this website I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about how you can start making some money online.

Within the past year, I have been able to go from $0 – $10,000+ a month (give or take a few hundred at this point).

There are many things you need to know when you’re starting out, but it certainly isn’t rocket science.

Why I Will Use This Website

1) Teach people how I am making money online

2) Showcase my SEO findings due to the ridiculous amount of testing I do each month.

3) Plan how I am going to make my millions

Big Time Helpful Articles

Where to buy High PR Domains for Sale – Which website should you be purchasing your domains? Mine of course! Take a look at our database of domains and see if there’s anything for your private blog network.

Where to buy High PR Links – Sometimes it’s difficult to find places where you can buy some good ol’ high PR links. Discover my favorite places.


Web hosting is something that you just have to deal with…Here’s some articles where I recommend what hosting to use

Best Hostgator VPS Coupons and Discounts – Hostgator is probably the best place you can get a VPS for dirt cheap and at amazing speeds.

Best Hostgator Reseller Coupons and Discount Codes – My favorite place to get a reseller’s account. This is so you can get a bunch of different hosting and sell the cpanels to customers.

Money Making Program Reviews

Google Sniper 2.0 Review – I take a look at Google Sniper and see if it’s worth your while. There has been a lot of talk about this program so it’ll be interesting to see if it will actually help you make money.