Vaporizer Has the Healthiest High

My father is a chain smoker. He is very much addicted to it. He does not take other drugs but he is very much fond of cigars and pots. We tried to stop it at several times. But he never listened. We tried to send him to the social center for stopping this habit.
But unfortunately nothing worked on him. He is really a tough guy in this matter. My father started this habit right after their marriage.

Once my mother scolded him much and left home for two days. It was simply a quarrel but he was so obsessed with the thing, he went to the nearby bar and returned home fully drunken. My father did not pay heed to anyone. That was his first time pot taking.

He took pot on request of his friend. This friend tried to have him smoke many times but my father always ignored him. But when he tried taking pot for the first time, he enjoyed it so much. And when their quarrel was over, and mom came back home, he could not leave the habit of smoking. My mother did not mind at first. But as she became pregnant, she tried to stop him, but it was late for then. For continuous smoke of pot, my mother’s first baby was automatically aborted. She was so unhappy for this. But my father did not listen to anything. And then she went to her parents’ home when she was pregnant for the second time. That’s how I came to the world. Then she came home to my father with me.

My father was happy for me and he always smoked going far from me.
So I became healthy. But the sperm effect went to my sister’s body. She was born blind. When my father came to know about this bad news and this happened for him, he tried to leave it. But suddenly he could not leave the addiction to pot. When he stopped taking pot, several dysfunctions for a small period of time was significant.

So we all were so much worried about him. Then doctor suggested him to take vaporizers. But other vaporizers are not like this. Vaporizers often use original pot. But my father started to take vaporizers without original pot per Vape Friend. It was like electronic cigarette. It does not affect the environment. And it also does not affect the other person living around. This is good for us. But unfortunately we got it after the accident. It would be better if we got it before.